Employment Law is a complex and continually changing area of law. It is important for employers and employees to be aware that there are strict deadlines imposed by the legislation with regard to bringing claims. Mistakes may result into expensive legal consequences therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have a good lawyer from the very start of your employment matter.

Moorehouse Solicitors is a leading firm which provides comprehensive legal advice on employment law matters. We have an excellent reputation in the United Kingdom and we posses a wealth of experience in dealing with employment law issues such that one phone call to our lawyers is usually sufficient to bring your mind at ease. Our lawyers provide clear and concise expert advice to employers and employees and further implement strategic steps tailored towards achieving effective results. We have experienced litigators who represent the best interest of our clients in the Employment Tribunal and in court.



We will provide you with expert and pragmatic advice to achieve the best possible outcome for your business. Our employment team have many years experience in preventing and resolving employment issues.


We can provide constructive and practical advice in the following areas;

  • Disciplinary action against any employee
  • Handling grievances received from any employee
  • Discrimination (age, disability, race, sex , religion)
  • Defending and/or avoiding Employment Tribunal claims
  • High Court action, including injunctions, to enforce contracts of employment, restrictive covenants and protection of your business assets
  • Contracts, handbooks, policies and procedures
  • Negotiation of termination packages and compromise agreements
  • General advice to avoid employment disputes where possible
  • Collective redundancy and restructuring
  • TUPE issues (Transfer of Undertaking Regulations 2006)
  • Directors service agreements

We know that cost can be an issue, therefore we will ensure that we explain to you in clear terms all cost implications and foreseeable disruptions before dealing with your matter. We are committed to providing you with a desired result therefore we will work with you in the most professional way ensuring that you receive the most practical legal advice.


As an employee, experiencing difficulties in your work relationship with an employer can be very frustrating and devastating especially when you are not fully aware of your rights. Therefore it is important for you to know exactly when your employer’s actions are considered unlawful and take all necessary steps to address them accordingly.

This is where our services become relevant especially with our high rate of success in handling matters on behalf of employees.

Our areas of expertise include;

  • Discrimination (age, disability, race, sex, and sexual orientation),
  • Redundancy
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal
  • wrongful dismissal
  • Compromise agreements
  • Statutory rights (e.g. Maternity, paternity and family issues )
  • Issues arising from variation of contract
  • Bonus incentive issues
  • TUPE issue (Transfer of Undertakings [Protection of Employment] Regulations)
  • Disciplinary and grievance disputes
  • Pay and benefits.

If your matter proceeds to the Employment Tribunal, we will represent you.

Our expert employment law team will provide you with high quality employment law advice. To find out how we can help you, Please contact us on 02088089212 or send us your enquiry via our contact page. We will assess your situation and apply the appropriate course of action, tailored to suit your needs.




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